Where do humans fit in the future of work

Transformed Work: where do humans fit in the future of work?

I have written on the topic of the future of work before. It keeps coming up. My most recent speaking arrangement on the topic was less than two weeks ago. An article I read yesterday was titled ‘If robots are the future of work, where do humans fit in?’.


Today is another day to keep talking about the future of work. I am attending a lunchtime session titled the ‘Future of work, Internet of things and the Fourth Industrial age’ hosted by the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, showing that the conversation is becoming more mainstream than it was even a year ago. In New Zealand, the Labour Party, the party of work, has established a Future of Work Commission to look at what the future of work means for stable, secure employment in New Zealand. The Charted Accountants Association of Australia and New Zealand published a report late last year showing that between 25% and 46% of jobs in New Zealand are at risk of automation in the next two decades – and these included 12% of professional jobs. It is hackneyed to point out that the extreme scale and extent of the changes hitting the workforce creates this need for a broad discussion. And yet it is only just beginning.


Are you leading the conversation in your organisation about how your people, teams, decision-making, learning and development, processes and value propositions are positioned for the future of work?


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