Equilibrium Man Challenge

The Equilibrium Man Challenge follows six men as they try to find equilibrium – balance at work and in life. They work for some of Australia’s best-known companies: Telstra, Mirvac and CISCO, but that isn’t a guarantee of success. Will they be able to pull it off?

This internet-based documentary features prominent experts including Nina Sochon.

Reid; part 2 from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Reid is into a new flexible routine and very methodically making changes to the way he and his team work.

02. Simon; part 2 from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Simon’s life becomes more challenging when his father needs more assistance, but moving to a more flexible work arrangement seems to be helping.

Tom; part 2. from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Tom does the deal with his boss and starts a formal flexible arrangement that he hopes will allow him to purse is passions for sport and work in an optimal way.

10. Adrian Part 2 from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

It’s role reversal time for Adrian and his wife, and it seems Adrian’s new flexible work arrangements are being watched with much interest by workmates.

Michael; part 2. from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Michael has become somewhat of a model for flexibility in the professional services sector. His flexibility allows him to support his wife’s busy career, especially with family commitments, while not compromising on his own partnership commitments at Corrs.

Chapter 2 in Reid’s flexible work challenge from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Are we addicted to debt? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Do you have control over your flexibility? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

How much do factors of gender and character influence the flexibility people can negotiate? More importantly, why are they still considered factors?

Can professional service firms embrace flexible work practices? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.
One of the men in the Equilibrium Challenge is a partner in a leading law firm. His participation is a challenge to all professional service firms to do more on the flexibility front, as these members of the public are not convinced…

Where is equilibrium for women? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Generation X women, and those that came after them, were told they could have it all. But how is that playing out in real lives?

The changing workplace from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Mirvac experts and their associates talk about the way work is changing and what this means to the design of workplaces.

Are men defined by work? from from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.
It is murky territory, but it seems that men and women think about work differently. This snippet might keep us thinking about what those differences are.

Male and female stereotypes are alive and well from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

This small section of perspectives suggests that, despite so much else changing, some of the most established stereotypes persist. Is it that we lack suitable alternative models?



E-Man Insights Chris Vas, productivity economist from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Chris Vas outlines the global economic forces that will influence the Australian economy and how these require a big change in corporate and industry thinking, especially around ideas of coloration, team-work and how this might be rewarded. All of this includes how flexible work practices might be considered.


Breadwinner or active father? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

In this public pulse piece we see the tension men feel between expectations they should be fully committed to work and career at the expense of their interests in fatherhood.

Can workplaces work better? from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Workplace culture and leadership seem to go hand in hand. In this short piece a mix of experts reflect on some of the qualities that make up a healthy workplace and one that might be more supportive of flexible work practices.

Career and child raring trade offs come in all shapes and sizes from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Taking issues about workplace flexibility to the streets uncovers some interesting perspectives. In this piece we discover that just about all families grapple with questions about how career and child raring are managed. It seems there is no ‘right way’ to do it.

Adrian explores what change will mean from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Adrian, like his father before him, loves the construction industry.  However, he is also very aware of his role as a father and wants to be more present in his daughter’s childhood. In an industry that is known for long-hours and on-site presence this is definitely going to be a challenge for Adrian to work more flexibly. Intergenerational differences are an interesting backdrop for this story.

Reid Johnson is finally doing what he has wanted to do for years. He is working a four day week. from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Reid is a senior executive with Telstra and plans further career advancement, yet he is also determined to achieve greater equilibrium in his life. He has renegotiated his hours and is now working a 4.5 day week, compressed into 4 days. How many of us have thought of doing the same? Following him close up over coming months might inspire others to do the same.

Meet Michael Chaaya, the law partner who is daring to work differently, with the firm’s blessing from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Michael Chaaya is a partner at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Australia’s oldest independent law firm. His wife is a member of the Commonwealth house of reps and a shadow minister. They have a young daughter and live very full, very busy lives. Moreover, Michael’s Lebanese background helps ensure family is the number one priority and there are plenty of family members in their orbit.
Michael is also very aware of the fact that law firms are one of the last bastions of 20th Century work practices, but Corrs is at the forefront of change and so Michael’s challenge is every partner’s challenge. They are watching.

04 Tom Episode 1 from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

Tom works hard and plays hard. He is passionate about his career with Mirvac and his sport, beach volleyball. Tom starts to think about how more flexible work practices might help him sustain both passions…

Simon Episode 1 from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

In this first episode we see Simon thinking through how he might better manage the competing interests in his life. How might a self-described workaholic find equilibrium?

Equilibrium Challenge from Praxis Communication on Vimeo.

The Equilibrium Man Challenge launched on Tuesday 28th April, with a preview of two episodes. This trailer will give you a taste of the series to come.