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The Successful Manager’s Mindset Workshop

The Successful Manager's Mindset

The Successful Manager's Mindset

Workshop: 2 hours

Participants receive take-home content
Learning outcomes:
* Awareness of the features of the successful manager's mindset
* Opportunities to embed this mindset in everyday activities
*Wellington-based businesses may be eligible for a subsidy*
Managers often bring a command-and-control style to their role, which is increasingly out of sync with advice on achieving high levels of performance. When managers can change their view of staff so that they no longer see them as a risk to be managed, they can unlock their team members' highest contribution. Instead they need to view their staff as as autonomous, creative individuals who come to work to do a good job, I show leaders and managers why command-and-control doesn't work today and give them practical steps towards changing their approach in a low-risk way.


This workshop would suit managers who are:
  • New to managing a team
  • Not sure that their team members are performing at their peak
  • Managing a young team (Milennials / GenY)


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