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Kaikoura Earthquake Support

The Kaikoura Earthquakes on 14 November were quite a shock for those of us in Wellington at the time.


Has your team had to relocate? Do you have team members working at a distance from each other? 


Teams around Wellington are working from home and from new business locations. After more than two weeks of doing this, some teams are getting frustrated and stressed. Performance might be suffering.


Perhaps your employees have disappeared from sight, perhaps you’re not sure what work is getting done. Tensions might be running high.


We are ready to provide help to your team to get through this crisis intact.


At Transformed Teams, we specialise in showing teams how to work effectively across distances. We can help you avoid a drop in performance. We can help get your team working better together at this time, so that you don’t have any major repairs to do when the team returns to normal working arrangements.


Our Kaikoura Earthquake Support package provides:

  • A quick intervention with each affected team
  • Ongoing support to managers so that you can continue to work with confidence


If you’re concerned that your team might struggle with displaced working arrangements contact us to find out about our Kaikoura Earthquake Support package: m. 022 016 4410. We’ll work quickly to get your team back on track. 

Kaikoura Earthquake Support Package

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