Create an effective flexible workplace

We help you design the unique workplace and team building strategies you need to catalyse workplace transformation and create an effective flexible workplace.

Transformed Teams creates tailored solutions, depending on your organisation’s situation and needs, including your business strategy and flexibility readiness.

All of our work is based on our proprietary Flexibility Capability Framework, adopted by the Australian Government:


Here are some of the services we offer

Flexible Work Pilot

Are you exploring flexible work and trying to decide how it will look in your organisation?

We work with you to understand your ideal outcomes and business context. We recommend an approach to flexibility that will lead to your greatest success. We then support you to achieve a successful flexible work pilot.

A flexible work pilot will help you:

  • Test our recommended approach for your situation and goals
  • Prove the value of flexible work
  • Learn how to tweak and adjust to improve your outcomes

Contact us today to schedule a Flexible Workplace Consultation, and discuss how your organisation can best create a flexible workplace.

Workplace Review

Do you have a flexible workplace but you’re not sure how effective it is?

We work with you to understand your ideal outcomes and business context. We design a discovery process that will generate the key insights you need to enhance your flexible workplace. We then present our findings to your executive leadership team and engage them in a process to clarify your next steps.

A workplace review will help to:

  • Identify the impact of your flexible workplace on productivity and engagement
  • Identify the constraints limiting success
  • Establish your opportunities to improve workplace satisfaction

The first step is to schedule a complimentary Flexible Workplace Consultation. Contact us today to schedule this conversation.

Workplace Refresh

Are you looking to improve your organisation’s receptiveness to your flexible workplace?

We identify your organisation’s flexibility readiness, goals, constraints and opportunities. We design a process that will build your organisation’s capability. We then lead your executive leadership team and functional business areas through a supported process to deliver that capability.

A workplace refresh will help:

  • Reduce the constraints limiting your success in flexible work uptake
  • Maximise your business outcomes: high performing culture, desk utilisation and mobility
  • Improve your organisational capability for flexible work styles

Find out more today. Contact us to schedule a complimentary Flexible Workplace Consultation.