Remote work changes the game – happy employees, healthy bottom line

Basketball player making shot with a text saying gamer changerFor many people, the perpetual slug into work by car or public transport is an unavoidable cost of being employed.  Remote work achieves something other flexible work options don’t. By avoiding a long commute, employees stand to gain much. 


In Sydney, Australia commuters from the growing western suburbs area regularly spend 2.5 hours travelling to and from work each day.


After a 2.5-hour round trip, who has the energy to make a healthy dinner? Exercise? Be a decent partner, parent or friend? And even if we’re not completely drained, who among us could say we feel chirpy about that long commute?
The most powerful flexible work option


Believe it or not, employees who avoid a long commute actually feel more satisfied with their lives in general. They are also less anxious, according to recent research out of the UK, and healthier.


Researchers at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business in the United States confirmed the incredible benefits of avoiding a long commute after an extensive review of 46 studies on telecommuting. Like other researchers, they found that the combination of reduced stress and better work-life balance resulted in improved job satisfaction.
Great for employees, great for business


Interestingly, CISCO reports that its employees give back some of that time not spent commuting. This has been confirmed by other studies. A full 86% of telecommuting employees recently reported in a Staples Advantage survey that they are more productive at work, while 76% are willing to put in extra time and are more loyal to their employer.


BDO USA is an example where encouraging teleworking resulted in a rise in employee satisfaction and motivation, together with cost savings, increased sales and higher productivity. Other examples include Chubb, CISCO, Microsoft, BT and many more.
You could make it work too


How does it work in your organisation? Have you experienced the game-changing nature of remote work such as telework, mobile working or using a co-working hub?


We hear a lot about mobile devices, access to the internet and online programs that are enabling us to work more flexibly. These devices really come into their own when they enable flexible work patterns, including remote work.