Is technology important to virtual teams?

Is technology important to flexible and remote work?Research has shown that managers feel much more comfortable when an employee is ‘out of sight’ in a virtual team if the right technology is in place.


It is particularly important that the technology enables ease of communication – this is what managers value highly in place of their staff being physically present. Get your technology right and you empower managers to make the most of telework.


Having your staff work from home can enable individuals in your team to achieve high productivity gains in your team.


In a recent Stanford study, staff who had the choice of whether to work in the office or from home increased their productivity by 22%. In order to make the most of flexible work, it is important to embrace the technologies that support it.


If your virtual team has access to videoconferencing, this is a powerful asset and can make your life a lot easier if you learn how to use it well.


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