Get your team culture ready to support the future of work

Get your team culture ready to support the future of work - the future signWhat is the future of work? Are you one of the many business owners today who now recognise that flexibility ranks first among their future challenges?


The Randstad World of Work report 2011 found that 92% of employers agree or strongly agree that the merging of daily work and life means that employees will demand both security and flexibility in the next 10 years. So taking a closer look at workplace flexibility in your business today will enable you to provide the workplace your employees will be looking for tomorrow.


Like many managers across Australia, there is a good chance that you have team members who believe that work from home is a valid option.


For a while now, over 70% of employees in Australia and New Zealand have said that working from home at least one day a week is acceptable in their work group (statistic taken from the 2010 Global Work Life Survey).


It is clear that many teams already have a culture that is supportive of work from home to some degree. So it is worth considering how effectively your team culture is ready to support the trend towards work from home.


Do you need more training and information to be able to manage remote workers, so that you can be more confident you’ll achieve even higher performance and staff engagement?


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