No Sign-up: Team Health Check for Conventional and Virtual Teams

No Sign-up: Team Health Check for Conventional and Virtual Teams


Common sense questions

Indicators of success and poor team health

Find out what your team’s health score means

Separate questions for virtual teams that consider their unique challenges

Nation-leading insights into virtual teams

Clarity about whether lurking issues threaten productivity and wellbeing

Questions that highlight just how incredibly successful teams work

Download your Team Health Check

Are your virtual teams thriving? Find out whether they are fit, struggling or critically ill.

Check the health of your virtual team.

Mark Le Busque

“This is a great, commonsense tool for managers and their teams.” – Mark Le Busque | Creator of The Human Manager Program


Mark Tantrum Photography LTD

“Nina really ‘got’ my business and where I am aspiring to. In a short space of time, she delivered a Diagnostics Summary, which is clear, detailed and specific to my needs. I now have a clear roadmap in terms of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of my business with great tools to access as I progress. I will be definitely recommending Nina to people I know.” – Mark Tantrum | Mark Tantrum Photography LTD


Rita Arrigo

“Nina has deep experience establishing results-based, flexible teams. I have particularly enjoyed reading her blog. Nina’s vision is that the work of the future is results-based, versatile and intelligent about employee wellbeing.” – Rita Arrigo | Practice Lead SMS Management and Technology

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