Announcing a new style of blog entry

I am someone who enjoys reading a fantastic blog entry. The ‘long blog post’ can take more time than it is worth – and yet the short ones never seem to develop an idea far enough to be useful.


To date, my blog entries have tended to develop ideas, to enable you, my valued readers to get something highly useful from the material you’ve spent dedicated time with. After all, “everything worth something takes time”.


I will continue writing those blog entries where I develop ideas, since I think that giving time to understanding how to generate high-value teamwork is crucial both for today’s organisations and for the future of work.


I will shortly start posting shorter posts as well – my thoughts of the day, reflections, ideas on the run. The time demands of running a teamwork consultancy shouldn’t hold me back from sharing relevant ideas with you. So here goes…. Look out for my next post-on-the-run.

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