Nina Fountain

Founder, Workplace Strategist

Hello, I’m Nina. I have had a role in shaping the future of work since 2011, as a public servant, consultant and influencer. 

The future of work is nothing if not uncertain. Work – as we know it – is undergoing a massive revolution. It is hard to identify a single industry that won’t be affected. 

We are in a critical window as we round the corner of change into this new era. And the window won’t be open for long. We need to get our heads and hearts around this fast and faster-changing future, or we’ll end up using old-world thinking to solve new-world problems. 

This is what energises me. I want to find the opportunities for us all to thrive amidst large-scale disruption. 

My unique talent is seeing the bigger picture in difficult and complex circumstances and engaging people in new solutions, creating a new way forward. So I believe I have a role to play. 

In 2013, I put my money where my mouth is and started my business as a consultant. I wanted to take what I had learned, the hidden secrets of genuine flexibility, being practised by only a few large corporates at the time, and make them accessible to a wider audience. 

In the process I created the leading practice framework that was adopted by the Australian Government, for strategic flexibility. I pioneered a new process for achieving successful change to becoming a genuinely flexible workplace, through team-based co-design.   

The framework and ‘flexperiments’ work. That’s why I’m still here. 

I believe in win-win solutions. The potential of great business strategy and strong workplaces to create mutual and shared success. Flexible work is one of those great win-wins, with the potential to benefit individuals, teams and organisations – not just for reasons of diversity and wellbeing, but also adaptability.

Flex currently has a huge upside for leaders who are willing. 

There are other problems that need solving too. How do we work better together as team members? Teams can solve the most complex of problems, but how can we make a team work? How can we be future smart and future ready? Is it possible to develop the courage and resilience we need to face an uncertain future and work with each other in uncertain times?

The way I see it, we need to attend to these questions and get onto them fast.

Social impact

That’s why we’re on a mission to support 500 teams to thrive by 2022. That’s when 42% of work hours will be completed by machines. 

500 Future Ready teams by 2021 

Now that you know my ‘why’, here are the bare facts about me:

  • Unique talent in building committed workforces, ready for the future
  • Business leader, consultant and speaker, working across both Australia and New Zealand
  • Led the Australian team that doubled the number of people who work from home in Australia
  • Started my career as a Speech Pathologist (otherwise known as Speech and Language Therapist) after earning an Honours Degree in the Applied Science of Communication. 
  • Worked as a policy analyst on digital economy issues in the Australian Public Service. This led into management roles and a successful transition into consulting in 2013, when Transformed Teams was established. I have supported organisations to establish successful future-ready and flexible workplaces ever since.
  • Trained mediator (IAMA)
  • Flexibility Capability Framework adopted by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Featured by ABC News, Sky Business News, the Equilibrium Man Challenge, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, Employment Today, the Australian Institute of Management, First 5000, and Canberra Business News. 
  • Spoken at a variety of conferences about the future of work, including the New Zealand Future of Work Commission
  • Gallup Strengths are Strategic – Ideation – Input – Arranger – Activator. Strong partner in strategic thinking, who draws on the best ideas and people to catalyse change. A starter who will help you get solutions to complex problems into the realm of active solutions.
  • Lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Sydney, Australia is ‘where I am from’.
  • My favourite place to be is on a window seat above the clouds – it’s where the best ideas happen

Discover how to adapt and thrive in the future of work