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Nina Fountain

Nina SochonNina Fountain

Founder, Workplace Strategist

Nina understands the unique challenges and potential of flexible workplaces.

Many flexible workplaces struggle to establish productive flexible work and provide staff with a thriving culture. Teams can be unsure how to maintain effective communication and collaboration.

However businesses can thrive when they understand the distinct needs of flexible workplaces, and have the mindset and systems to support them, tailored to their unique circumstances.

This is where Nina brings her special talent in supporting organisations to build flexible teams. She shows organisations how to design their unique approach for an effective flexible workplace. Together with her team Nina conducts workplace reviews; establishes flexible work pilots, programs and policies; supports office relocations and shows organisations how to improve their Activity Based Working environments in line with best practice. 

Nina has been a leading voice in flexible work and the future of work in both Australia and New Zealand since 2011.

Nina created the proprietary Flexibility Capability Framework, which is now being used by many leading Australian companies and organisations. She led the Australian team that doubled the number of people who work from home as a digital economy goal in Australia.

Nina has been featured by Employment Today, the Australian Institute of Management, First 5000, and Canberra Business News. She has spoken at a variety of conferences about the future of work, including the New Zealand Future of Work Commission.

Nina is a business leader, consultant, speaker and trained mediator, working across both Australia and New Zealand. She started her career as a Speech Pathologist (otherwise known as Speech and Language Therapy) after earning an Honours Degree in the Applied Science of Communication. A career in the Australian Public Service led into management roles and a successful transition into consulting in 2013, when she established Transformed Teams. Nina has been supporting leading organisations to establish successful flexible workplaces ever since.

Nina is a Sydney-sider currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. She loves to be somewhere near the harbour with a cup of good coffee and the promise of a beautiful meal.

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