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Plan Pro - New Zealand and Australia

Cutting Edge Technology for Agile HR

Plan Pro provides Human Resources departments with world class technology. HR leaders and practitioners become empowered to build a smarter workforce with smarter HR practices.

Ute Lambrecht - Creator of Your Most Productive Season™

Ute Lambrecht

Creator of Your Most Productive Season™

Ute brings her experience in managing large projects and leading masterminds for entrepreneurs to help business leaders transcend departmental silos to create effective change within their organisation.

Mark Le Busque - Creator of the Human Manager Program

Mark Le Busque

Creator of the Human Manager Program

Mark helps team leaders and members take control of their life and help others to be more effective. He shows managers how to achieve incredible engagement and a highly engaged team.

Brian Carson, Transformation Expert and Agile Project Manager

Brian Carson

Transformation Practitioner

Brian has been improving personal and business performance in New Zealand and Australia for over 30 years. He specialises in helping people, teams and organisations to make sense of what feels complex and uncertain, and provides both innovative and proven tools to transform and align the changes needed to realise their true value.


Siobhan Hanley, Director of Potential at Work Wellbeing

Siobhan Hanley

Director of Potential, Work Wellbeing

Siobhan believes change doesn’t have to be as hard as it is. She works with leaders and organisations to create change that achieves win-win outcomes for organisations and their people. True personal transformation is at the heart of her work.

Roger Tweedy, Business Consultant

Roger Tweedy

Business Consultant

Roger supports teams to make the most of their people, across the generational divide. Roger has over the past 25 years been an active advocate of new ways of working. Founder of the NEWORK Centre, Roger is a leader, mentor, trainer and coach.

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