Our collaborators bring you the expertise you need in a variety of areas: culture change, technology, diversity and inclusion and management training

Transformed Teams Collaborator - James Dellow

James Dellow

Workplace Technology Consultant

James ensures that your workplace technology will deliver on your flexible vision. He is a technology consultant with a broad range of experience helping organisations achieve their cutting edge workplace. James assesses your organisation’s digital maturity; works with your executive team to establish your technology vision; helps you select your technologies and then helps your team to adopt them. James is our go-to expert for technology advice and delivery.

Transformed Teams Collaborator - Brian Carson

Brian Carson

Culture Transformation Practitioner

Brian works with organisations to navigate transformational change from strategy through to value. He has been improving business performance in New Zealand and Australia for over 30 years. He specialises in helping people, teams and organisations to make sense of what feels complex and uncertain, with innovative and proven tools including his own transformation methodology.
Mark Le Busque - Creator of the Human Manager Program

Mark Le Busque

Creator of the Human Manager Program

Mark helps team leaders and members take control of their life and help others to be more effective. High-performing managers are a key enabler in your workplace flexibility strategy. Mark shows managers how to achieve incredible engagement and a highly engaged team – through being the kind of manager people are looking for – a real human.

Transformed Teams Collaborator - Ute Lambrecht

Ute Lambrecht

Team Productivity Consultant

Ute helps team leaders work effectively towards the right outcomes, using agile methodology. Ute is experienced in managing large projects and leading masterminds for entrepreneurs. She helps teams be more productive than they thought possible. When, where and how they work no longer matters. Ute is a creative thinker ready to help your people use an agile mindset to achieve more than ever.


Our team members help create your flexible workplace through understanding your business
Karline de Boer

Karline de Boer


Karline uncovers the hidden trends in workplaces through occupancy studies and interviews. She is a field worker and researcher passionate about talking and really listening to people to uncover decisive insights. Karline supports your workplace strategy with the information you need to really understand your unique forward path. As a highly valued member of our team, Karline is a powerful asset in your workplace change.