Thriving in the future of work

73% of global executives predict significant industry disruption in the next three years according to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends. More than ever, leaders need people who will stick with them through turbulent times.

An untapped goldmine for employee commitment is flexible work. Yet that potential can be hard to realise. It can be difficult to maintain effective communication, manage performance and keep a strong company culture.

Leaders and employees are often uncertain about how to manage through disruption. 

How we help 

Transformed Teams is a training and change management consultancy. 

We create a committed workforce and equip your leaders and employees with the skills to be intentional and intelligent about handing the future. 

We partner with world leaders to deliver future-readiness training:  Boma New Zealand and Future of Work University.

We train and support your People & Culture team and people leaders how to achieve a workplace that attracts commitment by being truly flexible work. We assess, build a strategy and take strategy into action. Our complementary pilot process proves and refines the approach for your unique workplace.

Our proven flexible work culture change framework is the leading practice model, endorsed by leading employers including Deloitte, ANZ and the Australian Government. A recent client achieved an increase in loyalty of 23%.

Our philosophy

The future of work is ours for the shaping, if we will actively engage with its potential and manage its downsides. The end of this decade presents a moment in time when we can actively prepare, to create the best outcomes.

Our values

We are in this work because we want people and businesses to thrive. 

These values define the Transformed Teams approach to working with our clients and partners and within our team:

Trusted – we mean well and do well, consistently
Collaborative – we work better together
Tailored – we see each business, team and person as unique
Sustainable – we are ‘in this’ for the long haul

Joyful – we create great work, which brings tangible joy 

Social impact

We are helping to bring Sustainable Development Goal #8 to fruition – decent work and economic growth for all.
Our aim in supporting leaders through disruption is to ensure that businesses and their people continue to thrive at work. 
Flexible work creates opportunities for people who wouldn’t be able to access work because of location, caring responsibilities or disabilities. 
We want to see more women in leadership and satisfying employment, and reduce the impact of ‘the juggle’ on their wellbeing. 

Our clients

We work with people and culture leaders in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our founder

Transformed Teams was founded by Nina Fountain. Nina works with a team of collaborators to bring the expertise you need to create a future-ready workforce.