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Transformed Teams

Workplace Strategy Consultancy

Flexible work styles such as Activity Based Working, distributed workforces and flexible work arrangements can be challenging.

We know these work styles hold huge potential. Yet that potential can be hard to realise. It can be difficult to maintain effective communication, keep a strong company culture and ensure effective collaboration.

Perhaps you want an improved, modern workplace. You might be interested to relocate your office and establish a distributed team. Perhaps your managers are struggling with flexible work. Your Activity Based Working environment might be less flexible than you planned.

Transformed Teams is a specialist consultancy improving organisational performance through workplace strategy and management.

We catalyse workplace transformation to achieve your best flexible workplace. We help you design your unique approach so you can build effective flexible teams.

We work with leaders in government and corporate organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Our philosophy is that businesses can thrive when they understand the distinct requirements of flexible workplaces and clarify their best approach, which is unique to each business. The next step is to develop the right mindset and systems.

We draw on our proprietary Flexibility Capability Framework to create tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our clients experience increased employee engagement and up to 20% greater loyalty. They achieve reductions in employee stress and workstation issues (up to 40% reduction).

We conduct workplace reviews; establish flexible work pilots, programs and policies; support office relocations and show you how to improve your Activity Based Working environment in line with best practice. 

Transformed Teams was founded by Nina Fountain. Nina works with a team of collaborators to bring the expertise you need to create a fully flexible workplace.

Contact Nina to schedule a complimentary Flexible Workplace Consultation, so we can advise you on how to establish or improve your flexible workplace.

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